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Interventional Neuroradiologists


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We are a Multidisciplinary Team with Endovascular and Open Microsurgical expertise to ensure that Neurovascular Diseases are appropriately managed.
Our team members also provide independent services to multiple public and private hospitals including Austin Hospital, Jessie Mcpherson Private Hospital, The Epworth and Cabrini Medical Centre. Our doctors have private consulting rooms all over Melbourne. Patients can be referred to any one of the Doctors or referred to Monash Neurovascular Public Outpatient.


Open Microsurgery are performed by our Neurosurgical team members using the latest Microsurgical techniques. All vascular diseases of the Brain and Spine are treated including Aneurysms, Arterio-Venous Malformations, Dural Arterio-Venous Fistilas and Vascular Tumours and tumour like leisons such as Cavernomas, Haemangioblastomas, Meningiomas and Spinal Metastasis (secondaries). 

Diagnostic Neuroradiology


Using the latest diagnostic equipment and techniques such as CT, MRI and Ultrasound Scanners and Digital Subtraction Angiography, our Interventional Neuroradiology team members are able make the most accurate diagnosis of these Neurovascular Dieases which is essential for appropriate management of these conditions. 

Interventional Neuroradiology


Interventional neuroradiology (INR) is a subspeciality that uses catheter technology, direct puncture techniques, radiologic imaging and clinical expertise to diagnose and treat all vascular diseases of the Central Nervous System, Head and Neck and the Spine. These procedures are performed by Interventional 


Welcome to Monash Neurovascular
Monash Neurovascular is an association of independent Neurosurgeons and Interventional Neuroradiologists working as a Multidisciplinary Team in Monash Health and Monash Children's specialising in the vascular Diseases of the Brain, Spine and Head and Neck regions in both Adults and Paediatric patients


t: 03 9594 6141 | f: 03 9594 5409|  


t: 03 9594 6141 | f: 03 9594 5409|  

For Enquiries


If the patient is referred to Monash Neurovascular Public Outpatient, we will allocate the patient a Doctor and we will contact the patient with the appointment details.

For Referrals


You are welcome to refer directly to anyone of the Practitioners (Contact Us) or refer to Monash Neurovascular Public Outpatient

Monash Neurovascular

Neurosurgery Unit | Monash Health                 Level 54Sth, Monash Medical Centre

246 Clayton Rd., CLAYTON, VIC., 3168

Monash Neurovascular

Neurosurgery Unit | Monash Health                 Level 54Sth, Monash Medical Centre

246 Clayton Rd., CLAYTON, VIC., 3168